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Kingdom Hearts Fanfic: Chain of Hearts

“Chain of Hearts”

    Flash of the Keyblade, the Heartless fall one by one at the collapsing Daybreak Town in the Realm of Darkness. Skeyx, Texoz and Laxiza rush to the center where they shall encounter the one summoning the creatures of darkness.

Texoz: Let’s hurry! This place won’t last much longer.

Skeyx: I know! Just a little bit further.

Laxiza: Watch out!

    As Laxiza shouts, two large drill-shaped Heartless appear from beneath the ground and stand in the way.

Skeyx: Not now…

Texoz: No choice. Skeyx! We’ll take care of these, you hurry up ahead.

Skeyx: But…!

Texoz: There’s no time for doubts! You’re the only one who can stop this.

Skeyx: …

Texoz: Don’t worry about us. We’ll catch up in a minute.

Laxiza: We believe in you, so now…believe in us.

    They both ready their Keyblades and charge ahead to fight the Heartless and make an opening for Skeyx.
    One of the Heartless throws a drill punch at Texoz.

Texoz: Don’t take me lightly!

    He parries the huge punch with his large Keyblade, releasing lots of sparks for many seconds then deflecting it and charging at the enemy pushing it back several meters. The Heartless doesn’t seem hurt by this but his attention is focused on Texoz.
    At the same time Laxiza engages the other enemy from the distance.

Laxiza: First goes…Thunder!

    Laxiza raises her Keyblade and several powerful bolts of lightning descend upon the Heartless shocking it and slowing its movements.

Laxiza: Then goes Fire!

    She points the Keyblade at the enemy and, after a moment of focus, a giant fireball shoots out towards the shocked Heartless pushing it back a great deal. Laxiza runs towards the fallen enemy as she readies the next attack.

Laxiza: And final is Blizzard!

    Just as the drill-shaped creature recovers from the previous attacks, a third spell comes from the Keyblade as a huge ball of concentrated ice magic and freezes its movements on the spot.

Laxiza: Perfect! Now, hurry up ahead. We’ll catch up once we finish with these guys.

    Skeyx nods at Laxiza’s words and starts rushing ahead through the opening that his friends just created. As he passes through he shouts to them.

Skeyx: I’ll be waiting for you both!

    Texoz fiercely blocks and deflects his opponent’s attacks.

Texoz: It may take a while though…

    Laxiza watches her friend as he leaves and speaks to herself.

Laxiza: It’s up to you now…

    Skeyx runs as fast as he can towards the city center. Once there he encounters his foe, one he knows quite well by now as they both look the same, sitting on an elevated throne watching everything from above and infusing darkness on the earth.

Skeyx: You’re the last one! It’s time to end this!

????: End this? *laughter* You couldn’t end it last time. What difference could you make this time? Specially in your current state.

    As he says this, the mysterious figure summons a black sword similar to a Keyblade and points it towards Skeyx.

Skeyx: I’m not the same I was back then. I have learned many things in this past year, about myself, about how stupid I was, and about those who believe in me.

    The mysterious figure lowers the sword and takes a look at Skeyx.

????: You’re right. You’re not the same as last time…
    Grabbing his face with his free hand he laughs quite loudly.

????: You’re quite messed up inside right now!

Skeyx: And I’ve got YOU to thank for that!

????: Hmph. Yet you know the most important thing. Say, do you even remember your true name?

Skeyx: …

????: Well, I do. And once I’m finished with you…

    The mysterious figure descends slowly from his dark throne. Once on the ground he points his black sword at Skeyx.

????: I shall become the real one! Then I’ll have the power to erase all who oppose me!

Skeyx: Not if I can stop you!

    Skeyx, with Keyblade in hand, charges towards his enemy at full speed.

????: Fool…

    The mysterious figure moves so fast he almost vanishes from sight.

Skeyx: What?!

    Appearing right in front of Skeyx, he’s ready to launch an attack giving little time for reaction.

Skeyx: Ngh!

    Barely blocking the attack, Skeyx is thrown out of balance. The enemy swiftly moves behind him and kicks him in the back sending him flying forward. Once again with a super-fast speed the enemy moves to his landing point and shoots a dark fireball from his sword. Skeyx reacts and hits the dark ball with his Keyblade bouncing over his enemy and landing behind him. Once on ground Skeyx releases a flurry of slashes but each is blocked by his opponent who gives him a defiant smile and jumps away.

Skeyx: He’s strong. But I have more than this!

????: Tired already? I could keep going all night.

Skeyx: And I could keep going for days!

????: *laughs*

Skeyx: Take this!

    Pointing his Keyblade towards the enemy, he shoots several mid-sized fireballs in a burst like small meteorites. Blocking some and evading most, the figure loses focus for an instant. Skeyx uses this chance to chain with a Fire Raid attack while charging ahead, hurling a fire enveloped Keyblade at the enemy.

????: What?!

    The attack connects and the enemy is thrown out of balance. Skeyx calls the Keyblade back to his hand and strikes with a powerful 4-hit combo launching his opponent upwards at the end, then he jumps and tries to continue the combo.

????: Don’t mess with me!

    The enemy parries every attack and they both clash at the end pushing each other back as they land on the ground.

????: Feel the power of the darkness!

    The figure stabs the ground with his sword and darkness begins flowing from it.

Skeyx: What is he…?

    Just as he asks himself this he realizes a pool of darkness forming beneath him.

Skeyx: Not good.

    Jumping with all his strength away from the dark pool just in time before a pillar of darkness erupts from it with a mighty blast.

Skeyx: That was close.

????: Not done yet!

    Another pool forms beneath Skeyx and they keep on appearing and bursting as he runs to evade them.

????: You can’t escape!

    At some point Skeyx is surrounded by the dark pools around and beneath.

Skeyx: I’m trapped!

????: It’s over!

    The pools erupt in powerful pillars of darkness.

????: You’re history!

    The pillars suddenly explode midair in a burst of light as Skeyx’s Reflect absorbed most of the damage.

????: What?

Skeyx: I’m still here!

????: Not for long.

    The figure points the sword at Skeyx and a powerful ball of darkness shoots out.

Skeyx: I don’t think so!

    Skeyx hurls the Keyblade towards the dark ball making it explode as they clash. Calling back the Keyblade he casts a powerful Blizzard Barrage at his enemy.

????: Tch!

    He jumps back to dodge the frost attack, which creates a wall of ice between Skeyx and him, and cloaks his sword in darkness. As he points it up towards the sky the blade seems to grow into a giant blade of darkness.

????: You’re nothing against the darkness!

    Grabbing the sword with both hands he unleashes a fierce vertical slash destroying the ice wall and creating a wave of darkness as it falls upon Skeyx.

Skeyx: Whoa! Seriously?

    Unable to escape the giant wave of darkness Skeyx tries to parry it with his Keyblade.

Skeyx: Ngh!

    The powerful darkness pushes him back little by little.

????: It’s no use!

    The darkness envelops Skeyx and erupts in a wide giant wall of darkness.
    As the explosion fades, Skeyx lies on the ground severely damaged by the attack.

????: Is that all you got? You disappoint me.

Skeyx: Ngh…

    Skeyx slowly stands up once more, exhausted by the damage.

????: It’s about time we ended this.

    The enemy vanishes at high speed trying to get to Skeyx’s blind spot, but the heat of battle enhanced his senses enough to follow such speed.

????: Your fragments are mine!

    The figure launches a fast thrust aiming at Skeyx’s heart, but he reacts and deflects the attack.

????: Tch!

    A high-speed clash of swords begins

????: Give up already!

Skeyx: Why don’t YOU give up?!

    Sparks burst out at each clash and there’s little time to breathe or blink.

????: Enough of this charade!

    Both jump back and charge their weapons with magic.

Skeyx: Take this!

????: Vanish!

    Firaga versus Dark Firaga. The giant fireballs clash and a violent explosion occurs followed by a dense veil of smoke.

Skeyx: …

    An attack comes from the smoke. The figure can be seen rushing through the smoke at high speed.

Skeyx: Let’s end this!

    A thrust comes from the smoke. Skeyx deflects it and counters with a fierce vertical slash.

Skeyx: It’s over!

????: Yes, it is.

Skeyx: Huh?!

    The foe he just attacked disappears as a cloud of darkness and an attack from the back reaches Skeyx.

Skeyx: Argh!

????: You didn’t think I had another trick up my sleeve, did you?? As I said, you are nothing against the darkness. Now your Heart is mine at last!

Skeyx: No way…I can’t lose here…

    The fragments of his heart come out of his body and head towards the sky.

????: No escaping now.

    He points the sword at the fragments and a dark ray shoots out transforming in a chain of darkness that traps them and pulls them towards him. One by one the fragments enter his body and a dark glow emanates from him.

????: I can feel the power. It’s unbelievable!

    Skeyx falls to his knees, his Keyblade disappears and his consciousness starts fading.

Skeyx: No way…my memories. Once again, I’ll forget everything. I’ll forget everyone.

    The mysterious figure’s shape changes. His clothes turn into a dark corroed armor and his sword turns into a bigger dark incomplete Keyblade.

????: Hm? It somewhat feels like something is missing. It couldn’t be.

    The figure looks at Skeyx and makes an angry expression.

????: You’re still here, empty vessel.

Skeyx: …

    Skeyx slowly regains some strength and tries to stand up, but fails. Lost in what remains of his memories he tries not to lose himself.

????: Look at you. What a pitiful view. I shall put you out of your misery. You will disappear right now, all alone.

Skeyx: A…alone…?

????: Yes. You are alone right now. A pitiful, powerless, lonely boy with no one to save him.

Skeyx: Am I…alone?

????: As a parting gift, let me tell you your real name. The name that will be mine once you’re gone.

Skeyx: My real name…

????: You are, or rather used to be Seyk, the Heart Warrior.

Skeyx: Seyk. My name is...Seyk.

????: Too bad no one is here to remember you. You will disappear alone and I shall become the real you. I am the Heartless Seyk, the almighty.

    A dim light shines among the few memories remaining in Skeyx’s memories, and many voices from the past reach him.

Sephiroth: Too much darkness will consume you. But what do you believe too much light would do to you?

Cloud: There must be a balance between both. It’s a battle that never ends. Maybe one that neither side must ever win nor lose.

Beast: There’s a beast dwelling inside everyone, an ugly side that no one wants to reveal. It’s up to you to keep it under control.

Belle: All that matters is how you look on the inside. And I'm sure there's a beautiful light in you.

Hercules: It’s a Hero’s job to protect the weak. But a True Hero will protect everyone! I wouldn’t be a True Hero if I couldn’t even protect you.

Mickey: Well, I don’t really know you. But you don’t seem to me like a bad guy. As long as you keep a balance between the light and darkness in your heart, I’m sure you’ll be alright.

Texoz: If you weren’t around, I would have given up on becoming stronger. You are my rival… and my friend.

Laxiza: You two do nothing but fight every time I take my eyes off of you. It’s quite troublesome to heal your wounds afterwards. But I guess that’s what friends are for, right?

Skeyx: I see. I remember now.

Heartless Seyk: Hm?

    Memories of those who fought alongside him in the past. Memories that couldn’t be snatched by the darkness. Memories of friends. Little by little Skeyx stands up.

Skeyx: I’m…I’m…I’m not…I'm not alone

Heartless Seyk: What…?

Skeyx: I’m not alone! I have friends with me!

Heartless Seyk: How can you…?

Texoz & Laxiza: He’s right!

    A fast Blizzara spell comes from behind Skeyx and leaves little time to Heartless Seyk to react hitting his armor and slowing his movements.

Heartless Seyk: What’s this?!

    In the same manner, and at the same time, a fast figure charges at Seyk and knocks him back a great deal.

Laxiza: Are you alright, Skeyx?

Skeyx: La…Laxiza. Texoz. You’re here.

Laxiza: I’m relieved…I thought you had forgotten about us.

Skeyx: There’s no way I could forget about my friends.

Heartless Seyk: Enough with the friendliness. I guess it took me too long to wrap things up here.

    Seyk floats high above the ground.

Texoz: What’s wrong Skeyx? I thought you’d had it done by the time we arrived. Are you getting old?

Skeyx: Look who’s talking. It took you all night to get here. I wanted to finish him at the exact same moment you arrived.

Texoz: Oh, so that’s what it was. And here I was worrying about you.

Heartless Seyk: Enough!

The three: …!

Heartless Seyk: I have enough power to eliminate all of you along with this world.

Laxiza: You two, enough already. There’s a foe in front of us.

Texoz: You’re right, I guess it would be rude to make him wait any longer.

Skeyx: Yeah, let’s leave this for later.

Heartless Seyk: Why? A few moments ago you were shaking at the thought of being alone. How come you can stand against me once more?!

Skeyx: That’s because I remembered, within the few memories I have left, that no matter how far away they are… My friends will always give me the strength I need to stand.

Heartless Seyk: Nonsense!

    Seyk points his dark Keyblade at Skeyx and concentrates a huge amount of darkness in the shape of a giant sphere.

Skeyx: I may be weak by myself, but with my friends I have the power to overcome any darkness!

    Skeyx summons a Keyblade with the shape of his most important memories, the memories of his friends, the Chain of Hearts.

Texoz: Here it comes!

Heartless Seyk: Begone! Dark Meteo!

    A massive sphere of darkness shoots out towards Skeyx and his friends.

Texoz: Leave it to me!

    Texoz jumps and bounces from the buildings and charges against the Dark Meteo with all his might and tries to strike it away with his Keyblade.

Texoz: It’s quite tough…! But I won’t lose!

    With overwhelming strength Texoz sends the Dark Meteo away and it explodes fiercely the moment it touches the ground.

Skeyx: Good job.

Texoz: I may not be able to do that many times so let’s hurry.

Heartless Seyk: I will take on the three of you at once.

    Seyk goes back to the ground and challenges the three of them to one last battle.

Laxiza: Then here we go! Fire!

    The huge fireball goes straight towards Seyk but is blocked by a barrier of darkness.

Heartless Seyk: Did you really think it would be that easy?

Texoz: How about this?!

    Texoz jumps at the same time Laxiza’s fireball explodes and comes down from the sky with a heavy impact with the Keyblade.

Heartless Seyk: Ngh…!

    The barrier cracks with severe damage but remains in place.

Heartless Seyk: Not yet!

Skeyx: That’s my line!

    Skeyx moves swiftly from side to side and attacks the barrier from all directions until it breaks and explodes pushing everyone back.

Heartless Seyk: Not bad… but this has just begun.

    Seyk levitates and summons eleven dark Keyblades that circle around him, all shaped with distorted versions of Skeyx’s memories.

Heartless Seyk: I’ll move first.

    Three Keyblades separate from the circle and unleash a relentless attack against Skeyx, Texoz and Laxiza.

Laxiza: The Keyblades move on their own!

Skeyx: What’s this?!

Texoz: Fighting a Keyblade is new for me. But I’m up for the challenge!

Heartless Seyk: You think that’s all? I’m serious here!

    As they fight, Seyk fires darkness from his Keyblade to the sky that falls as bolts of dark lightning. Then he follows with the remaining Keyblades circling fast around him vertically like a fan.

Heartless Seyk: Let’s see how you handle this.

    With an order from his hand, several small but fast icicles are constantly fired from the Keyblades like a dark blizzard storm.

Heartless Seyk: Dance for me!

Laxiza: Come on! That's not fair!

Heartless Seyk: The three of you against me and you say I'M unfair?!

Skeyx: He's got you there.

Laxiza: I'll remember this...

    Skeyx and the others manage to defeat the Keyblades attacking them and they return to the circle with a hazy, intangible form.
    Lastly he drops down and stabs the ground with every Keyblade. Several small pools of darkness form around Skeyx and the others, and piercing geysers of darkness burst almost instantly.

Laxiza: Watch out!

Texoz: It’s quite bothersome.

Heartless Seyk: Pathetic fools. I’ll erase all of you at once!

    A huge pool of darkness forms in the middle of the battlefield.

Skeyx: This doesn’t look good!

Laxiza: Everyone gather!

    A devastating burst of darkness erupts.
    As the darkness disappears, the three still remain together inside a barrier created with their three Keyblades united.

Heartless Seyk: What?!

Skeyx: You can’t defeat us while we are together!

Heartless Seyk: Tch!

    The same pattern repeats again, but this time everyone fights against two Keyblades at once.

Heartless Seyk: I just have to be even more serious!

    This time his dark elemental attacks are casted with full devastating power, but become slower and with fewer attacks. However, dodging them and fighting the Keyblades is almost imposible, and so Skeyx and the others receive damage.
    Only two Keyblades remain from the eleven.

Heartless Seyk: How come you’re all still standing?!

Laxiza: We won’t go down as long as Skeyx needs us.

Texoz: That’s right…! We are a team after all.

Skeyx: Guys.

Heartless Seyk: Hmph! I don’t need something like that. All I need is this power to destroy all in my way!

Skeyx: Why did my original self become like this? What lies within my missing memories?

Heartless Seyk: Disappear!

    The two remaining Keyblades go against Laxiza and Texoz.

Heartless Seyk: You're mine!

Skeyx: Come!

    Seyk and Skeyx fight one on one once again. Seyk’s attacks are heavier than ever, however they are wider and with more openings. Skeyx sharply counters every attack punishing every opening.

Heartless Seyk: Impossible!

Skeyx: You are stronger, but you can’t seem to control your own power.

Heartless Seyk: Silence! You empty vessel have no right to speak to me about power!

    Seyk charges his Keyblade with darkness and vanishes to begin a full speed combo.

Skeyx: I won’t lose in speed again!

    Skeyx enters a full Battle Heat Drive and matches Seyk’s speed with ease.

Heartless Seyk: I’ll have that last fragment of yours!

Skeyx: I’ll have my heart back!

    A lightspeed battle of Keyblades takes place once again, light and darkness sparking out at each clash.

Heartless Seyk: Insolent vessel, I’ll make you submit to the darkness!

    Seyk jumps back casting a weak dark barrier, then he raises his Keyblade and charges it with dark power. Realizing the danger Skeyx relentlessly attacks the barrier with a lightspeed combo ending with a powerful thrust in front that breaks it down.

Heartless Seyk: Tch!

    As the barrier is destroyed, Seyk jumps back and swings his Keyblade creating mid-sized waves of darkness that rush forward.

Skeyx: Too slow!

    Skeyx runs in zigzag with enhanced speed and closes distance. As they are face to face, Seyk unleashes the final full-power attack with a horizontal slash.

Heartless Seyk: Vanish!

    Skeyx leaps dodging the attack and lands right behind. Without giving time for reaction, he stabs Seyk’s armor from the back with enough power to release three fragments of the heart that flow into the “almost nobody” Skeyx. He then remembers a few things; among them are the words of a certain someone.

Xigbar: You’re not really a Nobody, yet you are not really a Somebody. *laughter* You really don’t have a place in life, do you?

Skeyx: You’re wrong. I do have a place. I’ll reclaim it once I get my heart back.

Heartless Seyk: Enough!

    With a burst of darkness, Seyk releases himself from Skeyx’s Keyblade.

Heartless Seyk: Argh!

    Seyk grabs his head with one hand and looks like he is in pain for a moment.

Heartless Seyk: Insolent vessel. How dare you?!

    Three Keyblades disappear from Seyk’s circle of now hazy Keyblades and his main Keyblade loses size and power.

Heartless Seyk: I’ll have those fragments back until I have all your heart succumb to the darkness!

Skeyx: I won’t give in to the darkness! You won’t have my heart!

Heartless Seyk: Shut up!

    Seyk cloaks his Keyblade in dark lightning and attacks Skeyx with fast attacks. The latter tries to parry the attacks but receives small shocks at every clash.

Skeyx: Ngh! What is this?!

Heartless Seyk: This is your end!

    Three hazy Keyblades regain physical form and Seyk uses them to attack Skeyx while they are fighting.

Skeyx: Gotta go even faster.

Heartless Seyk: Show me anguish!

    The three Keyblades circle around Skeyx and create a circular field of dark lightning. Once they stop, they release bolts forwards at Skeyx.

Skeyx: I don’t think so!

    Skeyx jumps high above dodging the attack.

Heartless Seyk: You’re mine!

Skeyx: …!

    Seyk, who had jumped higher previous to Skeyx, is about to attack him with a fierce slash. But Skeyx reacts with his now higher speed and makes a mid-air reversal to move behind Seyk as he unleashes his attack.

Skeyx: Take this!

    A heavy impact with the Keyblade hits Seyk and slams him against the floor, and then Skeyx follows up with a thrust from above piercing his armor once again and releasing another four fragments.
Heartless Seyk: Aaargh!

    The fragments flow into Skeyx and more memories return to him.

Ava: Power is not good but also not bad, but without control it could drive one to his own ruin. What would you do if you had power?

Minta: Back then I lacked the power to protect them. I won’t let that happen again.

Maleficent: With this power I will sink everything into darkness. *evil laughter*

Nora: There is power in friendship, and also in money. *laughter*

Skeyx: Power. What would I do… with power?

    Another burst of darkness explodes and Skeyx is pushed back

Heartless Seyk: Aaaarrrgh!

    Seyk drops his now standard size Keyblade and holds his head with both hands and looks like he is in a lot of pain.

Heartless Seyk: My power…! Argh! I need more power!

Skeyx: Why?! Why do you need power?!

Heartless Seyk: I will destroy… I will destroy everything! All who oppose me must be destroyed!

Skeyx: Why must you destroy everything?!

Heartless Seyk: Aaargh!

    Skeyx’s words won’t reach him anymore.

Skeyx: It’s no use.

    The remaining hazy Keyblade regains physical form and Seyk grabs it along with his main Keyblade on the ground and assumes a dual wield stand. Then he rushes to fight Skeyx.

Heartless Seyk: I’ll have that heart. And you shall disappear into oblivion!

Skeyx: I see. It’s within my memories now as well. I have the power to do this.

    Skeyx makes a summoning gesture with his free hand and a second Keyblade appears with a burst of light. A Keyblade shaped with memories of the many worlds he has seen, “All for one”.
    One last battle between them begins. Seyk’s Keyblades fully cloaked in darkness clash against Skeyx’s Keyblades now cloaked in light.
    The clashes resound everywhere and the ground cracks little by little. Skeyx’s eyes look sharp and calm now while Seyk looks like he is being consumed more and more by anger as his attacks lose focus and cause nothing but destruction around him. The terrain crumbles below them and Skeyx stumbles for a moment. Seyk uses this moment to prepare one decisive attack while ignoring the two hazy forms now around him.

Heartless Seyk: Begone!

Skeyx: Wha…!

Heartless Seyk: Ngh…!

    Two rays of light pierce through what remains of his armor and halt his attack.

Heartless Seyk: No way…

Laxiza: Now!

Texoz: It’s your chance!

Skeyx: …! Give me back my memories!

Heartless Seyk: Argh!

    Skeyx thrusts Seyk with his Keyblade and the remaining fragments are released and go back to him, making him whole once again. The final memories return to him, along with his real name which he can now feel like his own again, and the real names of his two closest friends.

Skeyx: I see. I remember now. This IS my name. This is ME.

    Seyk falls to his knees as his two Keyblades and the hazy Keyblades disappear into darkness.

Heartless Seyk: It can’t… it can’t… end like this. I need more power… more… power.

Skeyx: Power. I remember now. I remember why I wanted to have power. I remember why… I fell into the darkness.

    Skeyx turns back and looks at Texoz and Laxiza with a sad expression.

Texoz & Laxiza: …

Skeyx: It’s because… I wanted to save you. I was so desperate at my own powerlessness that I recurred to the darkness. I thought I could control it, but I wasn’t strong enough. I was consumed by it, and all I could think of was…

    Skeyx turns back to Seyk who is now fading into darkness with an empty look in his eyes.

Skeyx & Seyk: Destroy… I must destroy my opponent at any cost.

Skeyx: It was my fault then that you-

Laxiza: No it wasn’t! It was us who failed as your friends to protect you from darkness.

Skeyx: But I was weak and couldn’t control myself! I screwed up and everything went wrong! Now both of you lost your hearts as well… Aliza… Zeto.

    Skeyx looks down, as if he could never be able to watch his friends’ faces anymore.

Texoz: So what…?

Skeyx: huh…?

Texoz: We lost our hearts in battle. As a Keyblade wielder I am not ashamed of that. It’s just as Lax-… It’s just as Aliza said. It was our fault for not being able to protect our friend.

Skeyx: But-

Texoz: But seriously, even though you were monstrously strong… you were quite a pushover in battle.

Skeyx: Wha-

Texoz: In fact, you just defeated me because you caught me off guard. You’ll never be as strong as me in a one on one battle.

Skeyx: Yeah sure! I could easily beat you any moment now!

Texoz: Come at me any time you want!

Laxiza: Guys…

    Skeyx’s friends manage to protect him from the dark memories that dwelled inside him.

Everyone: …!

    The remains of Daybreak Town tremble as the ground begins to crack.

Laxiza: We have to get out of here!

    Texoz creates a Corridor of Darkness.

Texoz: Hurry!

    Skeyx takes a final glance at his Heartless as it completely fades into the darkness with a now peaceful expression.

Laxiza: Seyk!

    Skeyx reacts to his true name now that his memories are completely assembled inside him and starts rushing to the Corridor of Darkness. But before he reaches it the corridor is forced to close as the ground breaks and Skeyx falls down to a pitch-black darkness.
    Some time passes and Skeyx regain his consciousness. A woman’s voice echoes calling out to him.

????: …yk.. eyk… Seyk.

Skeyx: Who’s… Who’s there?

    Skeyx stands up, still feeling a bit dizzy.

????: I’m glad, you’re still alive.

Skeyx: I’m glad too, I guess. But where am I?

????: You’re still in the Realm of Darkness.

Skeyx: I thought so, I can’t see anything here. Huh…? Where are Zeto and Aliza, I mean Texoz and Laxiza, or…

????: They have safely escaped the Real of Darkness a few moments ago.

Skeyx: I see…

????: You are in a cave of darkness close to the depths of the Realm of Darkness.

Skeyx: That doesn’t sound good.

????: You couldn’t escape in time and ended up here. But maybe it was for the best.

Skeyx: What do you mean?

????: You regained your heart and your memories. But something is causing an unbalance in your heart, thus your existence is still in doubt.

Skeyx: What?!

????: I believe the cause for all this lies ahead at the depths of the cave.

Skeyx: Guess I gotta move…but …which way?? I can’t see a thing. Wait…!

    Skeyx looks around and feels the presence of many Heartless gathering around him.

Skeyx: I’m in serious trouble here.

????: Don’t worry. You have the power of light by your side. The darkness should not be an obstacle to you.

Skeyx: The power of light.

    Skeyx puts his right hand on his heart and then raises it summoning his Keyblade “All for one”.

Skeyx: Light, give me strength!

    The Keyblade flashes and other twelve Keyblades are summoned surrounding him. They are all cloaked in light and illuminate the area around him also revealing the many Heartless gathering around him. The creatures are stunned by the light and Skeyx eliminates them with a single movement with his surrounding Keyblades forming a whirlwind.

Skeyx: That was easy.

????: Now, you must proceed.

Skeyx: No choice, huh?

    Skeyx proceeds through the cave while facing many Heartless on the way. He finds several places that remind him of somewhere else.

Skeyx: I have a feeling I have already been here.

    At the end, he finds a large white door with a weak illumination around it.

Skeyx: What is this door? It’s quite out of place here.

????: This door has a special meaning to you.

Skeyx: Whoa!

    Skeyx is surprised by the sudden appearance of someone to his right. The woman’s voice he heard belonged to this figure in white robe wearing a fox mask.

Skeyx: You’re…! I knew it! It was you, Lady Ava!

Ava: Yes. I am still here in what remains of Daybreak Town.

Skeyx: But… what are you doing here?

Ava: I’m looking for a way to restore this world into the Realm of Light.

Skeyx: All on your own?

Ava: Yes. I stayed behind until the end just like you. But… it didn’t make a difference. Still, I can’t give up on hope. I must restore this world.

Skeyx: All this time… you’ve been here in the Realm of Darkness searching for a way to save this World from within the darkness.

Ava: It may have been a long time. But here in the Realm of Darkness time flows in a different way.

Skeyx: I see.

Ava: The important thing here is: You can’t go back to the Realm of Light as you are now.

Skeyx: What’s wrong with me?

Ava: There is still one last thing that you are missing.

Skeyx: What is it?

Ava: Your own darkness.

Skeyx: My what…?

Ava: Even before you became a Heartless, there was darkness inside you. That darkness manifested itself when you gave in to your negative emotions.

Skeyx: I kinda remember that, but it’s all blurry.

Ava: That is okay. What actually happened was: Before your full transformation into a Heartless, your heart was released from your body by the one who was after your heart. Your heart was then about to fall prey to another Heartless that took advantage of your own darkness. But before it was completely swallowed by it your friends used their remaining strength to shatter your heart into many fragments, but were only able to protect one of them which were the one you obtained when you became a Nobody. As you already know, this is the reason your memories were scattered along within the other fragments that ended up becoming incomplete Heartless. They took on the shape of your memories and caused trouble everywhere. But one of them was able to think and act just like you were.

Skeyx: That was… the guy I just fought.

Ava: Precisely. He had both your darkness and that of the one Heartless that almost swallowed your heart. Although the Heartless was driven back, part of his darkness remained inside your Heartless. But now that he is gone and your heart is back within you, so is the darkness from that Heartless. Light and Darkness, the balance between them is what makes us Somebodies. If you return to the Realm of Light now while it has a grasp on your darkness, the time may come when he takes over your heart again. To prevent that, you must open this door where your heart will be put to test. Reclaim your darkness and keep it under control.

Skeyx: I see. I don’t really want that happening again.

Ava: Once you defeat the darkness, you will be completely whole once again. And you should be able to return to the Realm of Light.

Skeyx: That sounds good. But… what about you?

    Ava shakes her head slowly.

Ava: I still have things to do here. But don’t worry; I’m a Keyblade Master after all.

Skeyx: Yeah. I’m sure you can do it.

Ava: Now then, before you go. I’ll give you this.

Skeyx: What’s this?

Ava: Consider it a lucky charm.

Skeyx: Can I really have this?

Ava: I’m sure it’ll be useful when you are inside this room.

    Ava gives Skeyx a star shaped amulet. The moment he receives it, Skeyx feels a familiar warmth through it.

Ava: Now go. The light awaits you.

    Skeyx looks at the large door and pushes it slightly open as he enters.
    As the door closes little by little, Ava watches him and whispers some final words.

Ava: Skeyx may be an anagram for Seyk. But it also serves as an anagram for “Keys”. I believe you are the Key to the Balance between Light and Darkness. Aliza… Zeto… watch over him.

    Ava’s figure slowly vanishes into the darkness.